Groundwork Is Different

Where governmental agencies once led the development of the civic realm, private and non-profit interests are now shaping our cities. With multiple stakeholders involved in the process, there is a need for strong leadership, to advocate for a vital civic realm by engaging and organizing the interests of stakeholders. Groundwork provides that leadership, helping public and private partners realize successful city building projects through a comprehensive, integrated, design-based problem-solving approach and project specific strategies.


We bring design-based problem solving expertise to the table at the beginning of the discussion, to help shape the city building process and ultimately improve the final product.


We believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Through our comprehensive, integrated approach, we identify the parts and figure out how they can best work together to create something better.


We help identify partners and develop organizations that work together to make decisions about city building.


We speak many languages, in multiple mediums, to a variety of professions and at many types of venues. We do all this in an effort to foster communication between people and organizations about city building issues, ideas and opportunities.


We know that well begun is half-way done, so we bring together a team of experts to develop and implement project specific strategies.